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Steven Gabel, MD, FACS

Dr Steven Gabel – 2022 FUE Grafts - 12 Months – Excellent Growth – Portland/Seattle

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This 35-year old patient desired to thicken the hairline and frontal scalp. Even though he has hair in that area, we designed a conservative hairline following his current pattern, and increased the density throughout the frontal hairline.


The 12-month photographs show the excellent growth he has had in the frontal zone. Notable, however, is that his hair loss is continuing in the crown and he has lost some density. We are now trying some other options to help maintain the genetically susceptible hair in the posterior mid-scalp and the crown. He will return in 12 months for his 2-year results.








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Nicely done Dr. Gable ...with only 2,000 grafts. Another happy patient I'm sure. Congrats to you both.

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