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Picking Dr for 3rd and final procedure.

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I can't believe it's been almost 10 years since my first FUT. I was 28, panicking and depressed at what was happening. I went into Dr Meshkin and received 1500 grafts to the front and mid section. Couple of years later at the age of 30, I went back for 1800 more grafts, this time I brought my cousin with me who also had 1800 grafts done. I again added 1500 grafts to the front and mid section and 300 to the crown area. I am now 37 and have been thinking of going back in for a 3rd and final procedure to replace the native hair I've lost since those two procedures and thicken my hairline.


This time around I'm going for the FUE as I don't like the scaring the first two procedures left. I've researched Dr Carman in San Diego and may go with him. Anyone have any recommendations for Dr's in Socal?



Oh and a funny story. Ive been a pilot since the age of 19. I now fly as a Captain for a major airline in the USA. About 6 years ago, after we landed and parked at the gate, I opened the cockpit door to say goodbye to the passengers as I usually do. As we waited for the gate agent to pull the jetbridge forward, my flight attendant greeted me and said she'd like to introduce me to Dr. Bosley who was sitting in the first row of first class. She said "he is the leading Hair Transplant Dr in the nation". By that point, I had already had my first or second procedure(I can't remember). I shook his hand and my first thought is he looks nothing like the guy on TV. Then he looks up at my head and says out loud, "You'd be a great candidate for a hair transplant". Immediately after, every passenger in the first 10 rows of the airplane looked at my head. Fun Times! :cool:

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