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Excellent FUE experience with Dr. Alexander in Phoenix, AZ

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I wanted to post a review of my recent experience receiving 1700 FUE grafts from Dr. Alexander in Phoenix, AZ.


I have been battling MPB for about ten years. I have quite successfully staved off loss on my crown with .5mgs of Dutasteride daily. However, the medication did little to stop loss around my temples (though I'm sure it slowed it down).


Finally, I decided to get my temples fixed. I did some research and came across Dr. Alexander of Biltmore Surgical Hair Restoration in Phoenix, AZ. He came highly recommended on other forums (and this one too, no doubt. However I was not a member of this forum at the time).


I was extremely pleased with Dr. Alexander and his staff. They were all incredibly professional, competent and diligent. I was nervous to get the procedure done, but after five minutes in their office I felt I had made the right choice.


His office only performs transplants on one patient per day, so that they can dedicate all of their resources and attention to that patient.


Because I typically wear my hair with a close cut, Dr. Alexander recommended I opt for the FUE procedure using his ARTAS grafting machine.


The procedure took all day. He and his staff worked tirelessly hour after hour.


I am still less than a week out from the transplant, so it is far too soon to see the results. But I can tell that they achieved and extremely dense result.


I will continue with my Dutasteride regimen and *hopefully* will not need another procedure in the future. However, if I do, I am definitely going to return to Dr. Alexander.


Included are a few immediate pre and post op photos.





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