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Bernstein Medical - Center for Hair Restoration Patient VTZ is a Norwood Class 7, with salt and pepper, straight, fine hair and a donor density of 2.4. VTZ had two scalp reductions and an unsuccessful hair transplant with plugs many years ago of which most did not grow. VTZ also had significant sun damage with multiple keratosis on his scalp. These were treated prior the hair transplant. The treatment removed the keratosis and also improved the quality of his scalp. Because of the sun damage and scalp reduction scars, a conservative first session was performed using 1,668 grafts. A year later we performed a second hair transplant of 1520 grafts and three years later the patient had a final session of 1100 grafts. The results are shown after three hair restoration sessions.










Before / After:





Before Hair Transplant






After Three Hair Transplants




Change in Appearance Over Three Hair Transplant Sessions:

The first session gave VTZ, a person with very fine hair, light, but natural coverage. The second session was used to add density.





Before Transplant





After First Hair Transplant





After Second Hair Transplant





After Third Hair Transplant




Detail of Hairline:

Note the thin, but perfectly natural looking hairline accomplished with only a modest number of grafts.




Before Transplant





After First Hair Transplant





After Second Hair Transplant





Treatment and Camouflage of Sun Damage

VTZ presented a challenge in that he had severe actinic (sun) damage on his scalp that had to be treated before a hair transplant could be performed. The sun damage alters the blood supply in the scalp and can cause poor growth, particularly if the grafts are packed too densely. The “Before” photo was taken when the patient first presented to our office and before the scalp was treated for sun damage with 5-flurouracil. The “After” photo was taken after the medical treatment and 11 months after his first hair transplant of 1,668 follicular unit grafts. A conservative number of grafts were planted in the first session to insure that there would be maximum growth in the treated scalp. A second session of 1,520 grafts was performed on 2-16-05. These results will be posted here when the transplant has grown in.




Severely Sun-damaged Scalp





After First Hair Transplant





After Second Hair Transplant





See patients with similar characteristics in the Bernstein Medical photo galleries:







Additional Resources:





Bernstein Medical - Center for Hair Restoration

110 East 55th Street, 11th Floor

New York, NY 10022

212-826-2400 • contact@bernsteinmedical.com



Dr. Bernstein is a member of the Coalition of Independent Hair Restoration Physicians

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