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4500 grafts after 8 months result with Dr Pradeep and Dr Arika Bansal at Eugenix

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I was loosing hair since 5 years, i read about hair transplant and decided to go for surgery. My friend recommended me to meet Dr Pradeep Sethi in Gurgaon Haryana India.


I discussed with him once and i was convinced that he is the surgeon for me. He showed me many results of previous patients and they were really good. I never saw such results with any surgeon.


I went for approx 4500 grafts in one sitting on 1 August 2016. It lasted for 2 days. Donor area was scalp hair only.


It was painfree procedure, i came from kolkata and then went back after the surgery without any problems.


During first 3 months i was really doubtful but Eugenix team supported me and ensured to wait till 6 months to see the change. After 6 months, i felt confident and now enjoying my hair.


The results attached are after 8 months of surgery.








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Can't help but feel like this review was posted by Eugenix and not the patient two identical posts on the day of signing up and nothing else...

There is a guy accusing them of fake reviews on their facebook page

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I have not seen any negative results so far with Eugenix. Do you ?


Come to think of it, no negative results. Just negative reviews hidden on their FB page and Google reviews. But the fact some reviews are likely faked hurts their credibility. Why fake reviews if your results are so good? Although, they could be asking patients (who don't do reviews) to go do so, post-operation.


With that being said, I'm very seriously considering going with them! Haha

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I have talked to them and I found them to be genuine people. I have not heard of failures so far.


As you said if they want to hide negative results, its almost impossible in current world. People can go and post wherever they want. No one can stop them. So overall, I am positive on their consistency in results.

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Its very simple 

They are very busy and fattest growing chain for ht in india.

Doctor himself going to D.Y. Patil Punr. as a professor and teach them.

They get more clients from overseas but end of day they published where they got permitted to publishing on any kind of social media from clints.

So its depending person to person.

And sometimes its depending how you take care after post op. Your working environment and your stressed level....that no one van change accept your self.


So they can do only whats in thete hand and we need to do whats in our hand...thats what my believe.


If you like something you need to appreciate them. If you dont like then put awareness on this channel.



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