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I was loosing hair since 5 years, i read about hair transplant and decided to go for surgery. My friend recommended me to meet Dr Pradeep Sethi in Gurgaon Haryana India.


I discussed with him once and i was convinced that he is the surgeon for me. He showed me many results of previous patients and they were really good. I never saw such results with any surgeon.


I went for approx 4500 grafts in one sitting on 1 August 2016. It lasted for 2 days. Donor area was scalp hair only.


It was painfree procedure, i came from kolkata and then went back after the surgery without any problems.


During first 3 months i was really doubtful but Eugenix team supported me and ensured to wait till 6 months to see the change. After 6 months, i felt confident and now enjoying my hair.


The results attached are after 8 months of surgery.








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