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Hi, this is Gajanan from Mehakar, Buldhana, Maharashtra, India, Which is a very small town in Maharashtra and it’s around 350km away from Pune. I would like to share my experience of hair transplant done at Dezire Clinic, Pune.


Till now I have undergone total 6622 grafts from scalp & body hair over a period of one and half year. Total 3 sessions ware done about 5100 Grafts ware taken from the scalp donor area and remaining from the beard and chest. The recent one was of the body hair transplant. i am writing brief review of my experience and result for the feedback and review by others .


My Hair Transplant Journey at Dezire Clinic.






My baldness started around 5 years back. I had tried various treatments for hair fall including various types of solutions and medication including some homeopathic treatment. After the treatment my hair fall becomes less and the amount of daily hair loss was reduced. It lasted for few months and again my hairline continue to recede and at one stage my bald patches were getting bigger and bigger day by day and it reached from frontal region to the crown region. That time I was quite frustrated with the bald patches and very thin hair. In my town one of my friend has done hair transplant for his baldness, he briefly explained to me about it and I curiously ask him form which clinic he has done hair transplant, he told me about Dezire clinic which is located at Pune and then suggested me to meet Dr Prashant Yadav for it. My relative and my family were bit hesitant and afraid of this procedure but I thought let me meet first and fully understand the treatment details. I planned one day for consultation at Dezire Clinic.


After taking appointment on phone, me along with one of my friend and one of my close relative reached Pune. On the day of consultation I came to know full detail about hair transplant what it is actually, technique, its outcome, side effects and procedure time and before and after the surgery precautions need to be taken. Dr Prashant Yadav patiently explained all the details about the whole procedure and shown previous patient results including my friend whose reference I took. I was quite impressed about the doctor and started believing that it’s quite possible to get my hair back. My baldness is of grade VI Norwood pattern and it was not possible to cover the entire bald region in one session. I was not confident about body hair transplant so decided to cover frontal and mid scalp region in first session. The hairline was marked and I agreed for that without any changes as it was quite similar to have when I had full head of hair, it was just bit behind from my younger days. We confirmed the date and did the required blood test done.


On the day of the procedure, after arriving in the clinic at 8 am, I was very apprehensive and anxious about the procedure. Again I met Dr Prashant and cleared few more doubts which made me bit relieved. I was given dress and I changed the cloths given to me and put my valuables in a digital locker. I signed some consent paper and other documents and then we proceed for the photographs. Again hairline was drawn and graft distribution was discussed, how many grafts and which all area will be covered was explained to me again with proper marking. After again assessing the donor area, I agreed for 3000 grafts for the first session. Dr Prashant took my photographs and did my hairline marking.




I was given some painkillers and antianxiety tablets. I was asked about whether I had breakfast or not in the morning. I told them i had a proper breakfast. Trimming of hair was done and head wash given with antiseptic solutions. Few more staff joined by that time.


My hair transplant procedure started with cleaning of my scalp with some solution and I was lying on my stomach on a bed. I was told that it will take around 2 to 3 hours for extraction and I have to continue to lie down in this position.


With ice cold pack numbing was done and local anaesthesia was given. There was a monitor which was recording my heart rate. I asked the staff about my heart rate, it was on higher side. They explained me its due to anxiety and it will settle down gradually. During the first prick I felt pain but in the subsequent prick with the needle pain was bit less. I tolerated the pain as I knew that I have to bear some initial prick pain.


Dr Prashant Yadav, did all the graft extraction by FUE technique. The staff picked up the graft and they were checking and counting all the graft. Dr Prashant told me that I have quite good quality graft which made me relieved further. The whole extraction procedure lasted for around 2 hour and as planned 3000 grafts plus were extracted. I slept for some time during the extraction period. My scalp back side was covered with dressing and was offered some juice with snacks after coming out of the operation theatre.


The hairline again was marking which is almost same as drawn in the morning, only slight change in the marking. This time it is looking much better and it’s quite similar to one of my old photograph which I have brought with myself. Keeping in mind the 3000 grafts, the graft distribution till the midscalp region is marked and rough estimation of number of graft to be filled in each region is explained to me. This time I thought it would be better to do all the bald area coverage in one sitting, but I know it’s not possible so I didn’t tell Dr Prashant about my thought. My hairline and graft distribution picture were clicked once again.


I was lying comfortably on my back which is quite better as compared to the morning position in which I felt quite uneasy lying on my stomach. The total staff inside the theater who did my implantation were 5, out of which most of them are girl, only one boy was there inside. One assistant doctor was also present throughout the procedure. Dr Prashant told me that all the implantation would be done by one senior technician who is associated with him since quite number of years.


First local anesthesia is given with the same type of needle which was used for donor area numbing process. To be honest this is more painful than morning one. I didn’t mince any words during this painful process but the good part is that it lasted for few minutes that too first prick was painful and slowly the pain become less and less. I was feeling bit heavy in my head which I thought that its due to local anesthesia.


I was shown my graft just before putting the graft, I felt amazed how small and delicate they are. It’s quite different what I have thought. It made me understand it’s quite delicate and fine procedure. There were no slits made, its direct implantation with different type of implanters. The assistant doctor explained to me that for different size graft, there is different type of implanters which helps in giving more density. There is different color of implanters for each size of graft for easy identification. One senior technician girl was started my implantation and rest of the staff helped in giving the implanters and filling the grafts in the implanters. The entire team was looking quite efficient and there hand movement very smooth and quite fast, as I watched some of the filling process. I started some conversation with them like from where they belong etc and some related to how to care about the implanted grafts. some general questions I discussed with them like how do you count the graft , how many days it will take for the results, how much pain after the local anesthesia effect goes off, what is the quality of my grafts etc . There were songs playing in the theatre and as I have nothing more to do so I slept in between and waking up when they do some adjustment in the height and direction of my head.


In between the procedure I asked how many graft they have done so far and what all area has been filled. They immediately responded with the exact number and also shown me the counting machine record.


I was given a break for lunch at around 2 pm for 20 to 30 minutes. The food was arranged by the clinic only and whole staff also had their food at the same time. After the break they again started the implantation and it was the same process which they keep on repeated.


After implantation they showed me the hairline and the scalp which was covered with the transplanted graft. At the same time they click pictures of the head. The entire procedure finished at around 5.30 pm. after coming out of theater I was bit exhausted and tired but relieved that the surgery portion is over. They told me that now they will explain me all the medicine instruction and care of the head. I was given a printed instruction list in which most of the things were self explained. All the instructions were again told by the assistant doctor again. I thought it’s not possible to remember each and everything but I have paper which I can refer to it in case of any confusion. They simply told that you don’t have to do anything today other than taking medication which were antiobiotic, painkillers etc. after waiting for few hours my entire head was washed again and my back dressing which was wet was again changed and a headband was put. I was given a cap and instructed not to remove the cap and headband till tomorrow evening. For head wash I was called in the evening next day and removal of donor area dressing.



The first session of FUE hair transplant was done on oct 17th 2015. At that time total 3000 grafts ware taken from the back of the scalp.


These are after hair transplant procedure pictures and were taken about 9 month after my first session.





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In my 2nd session of Hair Transplant i had 1800 grafts implantation bellow are my before pictures.




My After the procedure image




My Result after 2nd session






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Before going for my 3rd Hair transplant session - Body and Beard to head hair transplant





I will post my result pictures in couple of month.


Please share your thoughts on my result.

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you have covered lot of your baldness from the scalp donor hair . you seems totally changed in your appearance . hopefully your body hair will grow well and the remaining bald area will be decently covered . keep updating with your recent pictures .

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