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Hello everyone, it’s been 9 months since I had my hair transplant procedure done at Eugenix Clinic in Gurgoan. With every passing month my hair is getting thicker and thicker , although normally it takes a year to achieve full results I’m noticing extremely good results in a pretty short time. It took me 3 long years to finalise the best surgeon but every second I spent in searching was worth it , I had consulted many doctors from Delhi , Hyderabad, Chandigarh but everyone told me I could never have head full of hair as I was a grade 7 patient and I needed around 7500 grafts to cover my entire baldness which could only be achieved using scalp grafts along with beard grafts and that it would be highly expensive , as beard grafts costs 2-3 times the cost of a normal scalp graft but by God’s grace I found Dr Pradeep and Dr Arika who not only gave me great results but also charged beard and scalp grafts at the same cost. I had many sleepless nights thinking about my baldness but these doctors came into my life like a candle in darkness, they are genuinely nice people who go out of their way to help their patients, each day I’m thankful to them for making my dream into a reality, sometimes what we need is not a push but rather a miracle to keep us going. I might have paid for my treatment but their kindness and personal care that they gave me i will always remain in their debt. Some memories remain forever, always vivid and heart warming. After meeting these Doctors I understood why a Doctor’s profession is a noble one! We never know the true value of moment until it becomes a reality. It’s time for me to thank these wonderful Doctors who touched my life and changed it forever. For people who are looking for hair transplant check out results achieved at Eugenix Clinic on YouTube and I am sure you will not think of any other place. .





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