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I am 28 year old belong to India. My hair loss started 3 year back. I started losing the hair from the front part of the scalp. Slowly my hairline started receding back.



I consulted my nearby family doctor who gave me homeopathy medicines. These medications benefitted for some time and after that again hair loss started. I stopped all the medication and after some time there was not much baldness.



After researching hair transplant Surgeon I decided to undergo fue hair transplant from Dezire clinic, Pune.



Initially I thought it's a bit tough decision I made as it was bit long and tedious procedure.



I did around 2980 grafts in one day. Dr Prashant told that they use implanters for implantation for better results.


Dr Prashant did all the grafts extraction and his team did the implantation.


He used to come to see the implantation. And instruct the technician about some minor things.


Around 7 hrs lasted my procedure. Here are the pictures after 9 months and some pictures taken just after the procedure.



I am quite satisfied with the progress. Let us know what all you people think about my results



















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what medicines you are taking after hair transplant . Any particular shampoo or diet you are following ?

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Congrats, looks good! I also went to Dr Prashant Yadav back in January 2016, I had 3400 grafts, and I'm very happy with the results. Dr Prashant and his team were very good, and the procedure is exactly as you say. He does all the initial extraction, and then supervises his team while they do the implantation. He answers all questions before, during, and after the procedure, and then conducts a follow up appointment a week or two after the op.


He's certainly one of the best now practicing in India.

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I can personally recommend taking a Biotin supplement, 10,000mg once a day in the morning with breakfast. I've been taking this now for several years and it really helps. Also, I use Alpacin C1 caffeine shampoo for a daily wash. Both of these products are available in India on Amazon. Good luck!

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