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Hi guys going for my first ever transplant but finding it hard to choose the correct clinic in England with the best results.

The clinics I've settled on are wimpole,Vinci, regen, hs hair clinic, Westminster clinic, dr Farjo, Kensington, fue Harley, Belgravia, crown clinic and private clinic.

Has anyone had any experiences or reviews of these clinics and can you advise which would be best.

Many thanks

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Belgium may have better options, but Dr. Ball for FUE has fair reputation in the UK.

go dense or go home


Unbiased advice and opinions based on 25 plus years of researching and actual experience with hair loss, hair restoration via both FUT & FUE, SMP, scalp issues including scalp eczema & seborrheic dermatitis and many others


HSRP10's favorite FUT surgeons: *Dr. Konior, *Dr Hasson, Dr. Rahal

HSRP10's favorite FUE surgeons: *Dr. Konior, *Dr. Bisanga, Dr. Erdogan, Dr. Couto

(*indicates actual experience with doctor)

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That's quite a long list to work through- Belgravia do not offer transplants only non surgical solutions.


Dr Reddy of the Private clinic and Dr Farjo are the two recommended UK clinics on this forum. I would get some photos together from all angles and send them through to the clinics you mention on the responses you receive you can work it down to a smaller list of maybe 4-5 that you want to see in person.


Being in the UK provided you are willing to travel you can get around to see most clinics quite easily. Try to think in advance of some questions that want to know answers to. Once you have met the patient advisors and Doctors in person you will have a much better idea who you feel comfortable and confident with.


All the best and let me know if I can help.

Senior Patient Advisor for Dr Edward Ball of The Maitland Clinic.


My opinions are my own and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of The Maitland Clinic.


Formerly Garageland of Hasson & Wong with 20 years of history in Hair Restoration.


Meet with myself for a free consultation and advice in London on June 21st 2018.

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It's great that you are here doing some research before you take the plunge into hair transplant surgery.


While I am not too familiar with many of the physicians you referenced, meaning that I've heard of them but haven't seen much of their work or results, I am highly confident in Dr. Farjo and Dr. Reddy you are both highly esteemed and recommended by this community. You can see a multitude of their results on this forum posted by both the clinic and patients.


If you have any questions regarding either of these surgeons, feel free to contact me privately or ask them here on this topic. Personally, I would trust both of them with my scalp because they have a proven history of producing excellent results. That to me is the most important thing in selecting an outstanding surgeon.


Best wishes



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