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Thinning hair, looking for advice on HT (nyc area)

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Hey guys,


Been suffering from thinning hair on crown since high school. I'm currently 27 and wish to get a hair transplant. The FUE hair transplant is the most appealing to me, but I don't really know where to start. I've used minox, pills, shampoos in the past but wanted a permanent solution because none of them seem to work for me. I don't have history of balding in my family, but I must be a the trailblazer. I currently live in NYC where everything is expensive and I'm willing to dish out money for the transplant if its worth it, but again I don't know where to begin. I've posted some pics of my thinning hair. Any response is greatly appreciated.

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In NY area I would get consults with Feller and Bernstein. Bernstein does meds, FUT, FUE, ARTAS, etc and can give a lot of good advice.


Sadly, you are very far along at a young age. Recognize that if you have a HT, you will likely need more than 1 surgery to meet your goals.

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You are going to need thousands of grafts to fill in that big thinning area. Its too much area to fill to start with FUE. The back of your head is going to look eaten away at with little white dots.


The docs will probably recommend a couple FUT surgeries. Then when you max out on FUT they might want to start FUE.

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Go see Feller and Bloxham as I don't think they charge for consults, although I may be wrong. Hard to tell from your photos but your donor may be thinning although it could just be the lighting. Finasteride is your only non surgical hope in all honesty.

4,312 FUT grafts (7,676 hairs) with Ray Konior, MD - August 2013

1,145 FUE grafts (3,152 hairs) with Ray Konior, MD - August 2018

763 FUE grafts (2,094 hairs) with Ray Konior, MD - January 2020

Proscar 1.25mg Mon/Wed/Fri.

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Hello gok1025,


Forgot to mention Doctor Dorian in NY. From his picture gallery his results look amazing. He is also on the top 5 or 10 best doctor's list. Check him out.


Again based on your photos I can say you may need more than one approach. That is, a combination of any of these, transplantation, PRP, minoxidil and /or propecia among others.


But talk with a doctor about this. We can only provide info not treat you. Good luck with everything.

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I was about to welcome you to our hair loss and transplant for him community but I see that you joined back in 2008. So you've been a long time member but haven't posted I guess. But we welcome you anyway :-).


You've been given some good advice so far but I wanted to chime in with my thoughts. Given your young age and extensive hair loss, I do strongly suggest that you consider her loss medication such as Propecia and Rogaine ASAP. I understand that many are turned off by Propecia especially lately because of what's referred to as post finasteride syndrome, which represents the possibility of long-term a sexual side effects even after use. There is some discussion about whether or not the syndrome is even real but regardless, the FDA took it seriously and did force the manufacturer to change the warning label on the bottle. That said, side effects are still reported as rare but possible. But it still regrettably, your greatest chance of retaining the existing hair you have. Yes it's thin, if you are able to maintain what you have with Propecia and Rogaine and then get a hair transplant from one of our recommended physicians, you could be sporting a nice looking head of hair that's quite thick and natural looking. If you lose all of your natural hair, hair transplant surgery will likely only provide you with a thin appearance, similar to what you're wearing now. That's of course assuming that you lose all the rest of your existing natural hair. That's why in my opinion it's important to at least try to see what you have so you can add to it with hair transplant surgery instead of replacing natural hair with transplanted hair.


I hope this helps.



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