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Dr. Suneet or Dr. Kapil... FUT/FUE question

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Hello everybody. If you have any suggestions, please feel free to offer.

I am currently deciding whether to chose Dr. Suneet or Dr. Kapil for my first HT.

Here is my situation: I'm going to do a combination of FUT and FUE.

Both doctors have excellent recommendations, but my biggest question is this:

I'm most likely going to do 3000-4000 via FUT and 1000-1500 FUE.

Hencce, I will be using more grafts from FUT than FUE.

From reviews, Dr. Suneet's FUT work is excellent, but there is not so much information on his FUE.

From reviews, Dr. Kapil's FUE work is excellent, but not so much information on his FUT.

So, what do you think is the best approach? Suneet? Because most of my grafts will be from FUT and that is his most recognized work. or Kapil? Because even though his FUT work isn't as well recognized, his FUE work is excellent. It's a tough decision. Any suggestions would be much appreciated. Thanks everybody

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I've sent you a private message, please reply need your suggestion.

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