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Hair Harmony and you - 2386 grafts , FUE HAIR TRANSPLANT , 1 day procedure

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Grafts: - 2386 grafts


Day: - 1 day procedure

Treatment Description:


Male pattern AGA (Androgenetic Alopecia) grade iii a or frontal baldness including slight temporal and forelock recession without the vertex involvement with no family history aged 28yrs. After consultation started with combination therapy of finasteride 1mg, minoxidil 10% with amenexil topical application, multivitamins, L.L.L.T(Low Level Laser Therapy), hair loss control dietary regimen for a month and stopped the minoxidil 10% 15 days prior to the transplant.


Post control of hair loss problem planned for hair transplant of 2386 FUG’s by “BIO FUE NO ROOT TOUCH TECHNIQUE” punching done with cole's 9.5mm serrated punch.continued the combination therapy post-transplant as well. Pictures taken from all the angles and posted the images with clients consent.


These are the results post 6months at Hair harmony and you by Dr.shakti raj





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