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Hit my head after transplant :(

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Getting quite nervous about the outcome of my recent HT.


The reason being, i hit my head on an upper cupboard door 2 days after my transplant.

I was quite tired at the time, so I didn't really think of checking if was bleeding or not, just went back to bed.


Now, 2 weeks after my FUT, I am noticing that there is only one round spot on top of my crown that doesn't seem to have little graft hair growing like everywhere else. And I am sure it was a spot where hair should have been transplanted. And it happens to be the spot I hit on the cupboard door.


My questions :

could this be isolated early shed?

It's just weird that I am not shedding anywhere else, isn't it?

Or could a hit on the head cause all grafts in an area to not grow ?


My next step is to stop looking in the mirror I think.....


Thanks in advance !

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could a hit on the head cause all grafts in an area to not grow ?


Could it have caused the grafts to start shedding earlier than the others? I don't know, but it seems unlikely. It could simply be a coincidence. Most of the hair is probably going to shed starting about now anyway, so don't worry about it.

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Move to your next step.


If you knocked any grafts out, you would know if.

A lot of your grafts right now are probably just "hanging out" and are not growing.


Is it a possibility that they are damaged? Yes, but you won't know for sure for several months.

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Unless that bump on the cupboard was very severe and hard enough to cause some significant bleeding, doubtful that you damaged any grafts. My premonition is that the missing spot on your crown is more coincidental than anything else.


But it's still early to judge the regrowth result so I would not worry about it and allow time to pass and see how you look one year from now.


Congrats on your recent procedure and happy growth to you...;)


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2 days after surgery grafts are pretty secure, I don't think your bump affected growth of hair follicles buried deeper inside. As gillenator said, it is probably a coincidence.


I actually bumped my head once getting out of the van back to the hotel after surgery in Bloomington - was really mad at myself for being so stupid but fact is you are on so many meds that it is hard to stay in full awareness of your surroundings at all times. That bump didn't affect anything in terms of growth in that area.


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