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Switching from Finasteride to Dutasteride

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I am taking Finasteride for 6 years and my hair loss is a lot worse since last year :(

I've read that Dutasteride drug is approved for hair loss treatment in Japan.

I am considering to start using it instaed of Finasteride, however I can't get a prescription for it.

Can you recommend a reputable source to buy Dutasteride from ?

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I started to order dutasteridd online many years ago. I ordered form 4rx, unitedpharmacies etc..

They all sell the same Indian generic which are very good and manufactured by reputable drug copmanies regulated by the World health organization and have FDA approved facilities.


As for today I use (removed) to get my meds. You can order dutasteride from here:

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Dutasteride is significantly stronger than finasteride which blocks both type one and type two 5 alpha reductase enzymes. So for people who feel that finasteride isn't strong enough, switching to Dutasteride might make sense. That said, we don't allow blatant advertisements on this forum, and we do not vouch for the above website. This medication is potent and requires a prescription in the United States. Therefore, all of the links above have been removed.


Best wishes,



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