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L.L.B.F his a 34 y.o patient, that have a baldness in process Norwood class III go in to IV but probably will be in the future class V.


So, he need for sure a big first session to cover a lot hair and his bald area and possibly to cover now some areas that will look bald in the future. For the obvious reason we decided for FUT. Especially in this case that have great elasticity and great density in donor area so make that decision very easy to use of FUT.


Nevertheless we insist to care on scalp massage to and sure a great process and a painless pos-op


We care on surgery and manage almost 4000 FU! Making 8.602 hairs that recovered frontal area, temporal area, and go in some in the vertex direction.


The post-op was very smooth, no incidence and reative the result 1 years after. For now, he releve is complete but I advise him that in the future maybe 5 or 7 years he probably needs a second session procedure that not just cover new bald area but also reforce a little bit the density









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