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37 year old gentleman presented to us with a 5 year history of gradual hair loss .He has used Minoxidil 5% occasionally in the past.

He was keen to get his hairline restored as it was affecting his confidence.

O/e Dr Reddy diagnosed him with an early Norwood 4 pattern of hair loss and decided to stabilise his hair initially with Propecia.

He was examined 12 months later and was counselled extensively regarding FUE. He was keen to get maximum density and was happy with a mature hairline to frame his face.

2711 grafts were transferred using a manual FUE with a 0.9 mm punch.

Attached are the pics before,during and after 9 months.





I represent Dr. Raghu Reddy


Dr. Raghu Reddy is recommended on the Hair Transplant Network.

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Thanks for sharing another impressive example of Dr. Reddy's results. That said, do you have any photos showing the top of the patient's scalp before and after surgery? To get a full understanding and appreciation of the result, a more detailed selection of photos would be helpful.


Best wishes,



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