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2nd surgery w Dr Dorin - fixed my 1st and healed fast! Best surgeon by far

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Just wanted to update as for the people who are looking into a 2nd surgery. I recently ha a Strip with Dr. Dorin in nyc to correct the last strip I had with Epstein and was not at all happy with years ago.


The procedure went great and the progress is nice. I will try to upload pics but want to hide face as know others looking on site.


I could not have been happier and the healing was amazingly fast. I had a bump as the first procedure was not as good - even though he touts himself as a plastic surgeon, I felt that Epstein did not care at all and was barely in the room. I also had stitches rip a bit the next night and was the worst decision to go to FL for surgery even though was cheaper than his nyc quote.

I developed a significant scar and the Florida office was of no help.


Getting this new one over the scar with Dr Dorin was amazing. No bleeding and my scar is less than before and healing quick. Following his post treatment method so far and all hair feeling better and thicker with his regimen.


I'll get pics up as it grwos more but just want to say for those who are on the fence to do another one - I highly recommend dr Dorin and he came through perfectly!

Cant say enough about post op follow thru as cleaning scar and ointment so important. Also using sulfate free made redness go away quicker -

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