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I'm changing from Finasteride and upping the juice to Dutasteride


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I switched from propecia to generic a few years ago for around 18 months and lost a lot of hair in the process. I would recommend everyone to spend a little more and buy propecia. 

First Transplant: 5000 FUE grafts with Dr Koray Erdogan ASMED, December 2016


First Hair Transplant link: http://www.hairrestorationnetwork.com/eve/185564-5000-grafts-fue-13th-14th-december-asmed-dr-erdogan.html



Hair loss regime


Propecia 1mg daily

Saw Palmetto 450mg daily

Biotin 1000ug daily

MSM 1500mg daily

Pumpkin Seed Oil 1000mg daily

1% Nizoral shampoo weekly

Lasercomb x 3 weekly

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Ailene Russell, NCMA

Clinical Supervisor
Cooley Hair Center
10660 Park Road Ste. 4200
Charlotte, NC 28210

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17 hours ago, options said:

Gosh, I kind of regret stumbling across this mega confusing thread. So generic finasteride is ineffective, is that the upshot of what you're saying arussell?

Not all generics are the same and many physicians feel this way.  To me it has been proven beyond a doubt personally.  The difference in the brand and generic is the fillers that bind the molecules of the medication together.  This is the vehicle of absorption.  The brand name is expensive because they paid for the clinical trials and FDA requirements.  Generics do not have to tell you the fillers so this can change the way the medication works.  Pharmacies make more of generics that their buyer has a contract with than off the brand or even a different generic company.  Many are made in China and India and the controls are not reliable.  We do feel TEVA brand is a better choice.  It is based in Israel.  In my own situation, I was in the hospital and was given a generic of a med I had long been taking that worked great.  After the 3rd injection I stopped the nurse and asked where it was made, It was out of India.  i refused the med.  We did allow generics and we had mass phone calls because people were shedding like crazy and this happened all over and is a huge topic with hair docs.  So, no we do not write 1mg fin.  

Ailene Russell, NCMA

Clinical Supervisor for Dr. Jerry Cooley

Carolina Dermatology Haircenter

Charlotte, NC

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