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I have been in touch with this 24 year old UK patient for the past year or so and he has kindly asked me to share his 9 month results.


His father initially contacted me through this forum and I personally made all the arrangements for him to travel to India and have his hair transplant procedure completed by Dr Tejinder Bhatti.


He was an NW3 heading for a NW5, quite aggressive balding for his 24 years. Like many others, he just wanted his hair back before it started to affect his busy lifestyle.


So, in late February 2016 he completed an FUE procedure with Dr Bhatti consisting of 2218 grafts to restore his hairline and fill in his mid scalp.


He was in India for 6 days post procedure and he managed to tour the whole of Chandigarh, he managed to visit the Golden Temple in Amritsar, he managed to witness the India-Pakistan Wagah Border Ceremony (Michael Palin does a great description on youtube) and he managed to cram in a day and night in Delhi just to round things off.


His actual procedure cost was 2,555 pounds sterling (equivalent to approx 3,200 US dollars, 4,300 AUS dollars, 3,000 euros). Including all other costs, his total came to just under 3,500 pounds sterling. Not too bad for a life changing result and a lifetime cultural experience. The patient loved India and India loved him.


Here are his before and 9 month after photos.








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Nice result!

Very happy for the guy...


Any post op pics that show where the grafts were placed?


Thanks n00b, the guy deserved a great result, his attitude towards his HT journey was just perfect, we are all made up for him.


Here are the pics you requested.



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