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Hi guys,

I am considering doing a fue HT and would love some feed back on who is a great surgeon to see in Australia (if any)?

I would really appreciate feed back on any experiences and recommendations!

I had previously had an fut treatment done about 4 years ago and although there were some results the overall result was a bit disappointing.

Now I would like to do fue into the previous fut scar area as it shows up if i clipper my hair any shorter than a 4mm and also put grafts into the thinning areas on the scalp.

I have a consultation with dr Vikram at the Knudsen clinic in a couple of weeks time. Has anyone used him or heard from previous patients?

I have read on forums that dr Path in Bangkok is also good but noticed he seems to mainly do fut work.

I would really appreciate any feed back as I am a bit lost at the moment and don't want to make a mistake going to the wrong doctor again.

Please Help.

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Hi Khop,

Unfortunately the short answer is NO..


I think your best option is to pick out a few of the recommended surgeons here on the list,




Then refine the list on what kind of work you would like done...


There is a lot of info on here, take your time and look at all your options.

You only get one shot at this, dont rush into anything!

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