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My Experience of an aesthetic hairline design with Dr Suneet Soni

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I am Mukul, 28 from Ahmedabad. Some days before I have undergonea hair transplant procedure because I had receded hairline from the top of my head and looked very bad. Since I’m a fashion designer and my own boutique in Hyderabad, many people used to come to my boutique as well as many stylists too. To look better and smart is mandatory for any professionals success does matter for us to have a great appeal in front of our own zone of work. One of my friends has recommended me for hair transplant. I spent eager to know about the best hair transplant doctor/surgeon and in this regard spent many times on research on the websites. After my extensive research on the hair transplant surgeons got the link of Dr Suneet Soni of Medispa who has many reviews on this behalf and many of his clients put the positive results of their hair transplant procedures.


Earlier my friend randomly chosen the doctor and just after one selection, he did go for the transplantation, but unfortunately, that doctor was not well-versed and treated in a wrong way. Since; transplantation of hair hasrequired much of experience and artistic knowledge that comes after years of experience. Since; my friend has already gone under the wrong selection and that’s why; they told me to do an extensive research and I was very nervous and lost a hope to get my original look with good hair styling, but a ray of hope has come with a review on a prestigious forum of hair transplant where the bulk of positive response for Dr Soni was put on.On the very same day, I rang to Dr SuneetSoni since he has more than a decade of work experience in this field and assisted me very well. He told me to come and join the session of hair transplantation. I have visited the centre and Dr Suneet has explained me about the proper artistically knowledge of hair lining that is mandatory for transplantation technique and very few doctor knows this creative style cum technique. He assisted my hair receding lines and told me that; it is NW III to IV baldness and I need an average of 3500-4000 grafts to cover my bald zone by FUT technique. He also marked my bald portion with the lines to put the aesthetic design of hairline to offer me a natural look. It’s been around 11 months to take my hair restoration service and now I am enjoying my new regrown hair with a proper naturally look. I am thankful to Dr Soni, who has guided me rightly and done my hair transplant with proper care and concern.






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Thank you for taking the time to share your hair loss story and hair transplant experience. I see your before pictures show a very accurate view of all angles of your hair loss. However the after pictures only show your hairline. Your hairline looks great and Dr. Soni definitely did an amazing job on that. But can you show us pictures of the top of your head as well so we can see what it looks like?


Congratulations again and I'm glad you are happy with your hair transplant results.


Best wishes,



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I am not a medical professional and my words should not be taken as medical advice. All opinions and views shared are my own.

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