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Fue reversal - golf ball skin, bumps... Omg

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So, I'm freaking out at 2wks post op!

For my first procedure, I had fut to the hairline which was placed far too low by the technician. It was TERRIBLE and too close to my eyebrows. To correct this I had them take out the offending grafts from the hairline using fue punch removal.


2 weeks into healing, All I can see are tiny holes all over my forehead! Make up cannot even hide it!!

God please tell me I haven't ruined myself permanently. It basically looks like golf ball texture - i think its commonly referred to as 'pitting'.


Now, I know its only been 2 weeks but, I am SO scared and anxious... The technician didnt inform me about the scars nor was I sure about their confidence with this procedure. Im sure a 0.8 - 1.0mm was used requiring no sutures. The holes closed up by day 3 or 4. But what i see now is a SHINY, GOLF BALL where the hairs used to be. I dont know whether to laugh, cry or shoot myself for possibly ruining my appearance. Will this heal to be a smooth surface without pits or is this pretty much it?!


(Photo attached)




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Looks like these can be a bit "keloid-type" scars.


Treatments are MANY so DO NOT FRET!


Go on a few consults with high profile dermatology groups (probably big city)


Take your time and see which one has the best plan to treat these.


The plan will probably include a series of micro injections of kenalog and/or lasers


Don't rush and try to find a quick fix. Remind yourself: THIS WILL BE RESOLVED

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It is too early to tell but I can say this. It will get better. Just try to be patient and maybe consider applying an ointment such as polysporin to help with the healing.

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Thankfully I don't suffer from keloids, so it shouldn't get any worse. I started using a topical corticosteroid (clobetasol propionate) to target any inflammation/swelling and try to make the area flatten/even out. I have no idea if this is what I should be doing at this stage, but Im going to trust my instincts to try the corticosteroid cream for 1 week, then stop and see if there's any improvement. Ive seen other people have the same reversal procedure but i dont think the scars were as bad. Hmph..

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