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Hi there, I really need some advice. I know (from reading all of the other postings) that I am about to ask/post the most unoriginal of concerns. So here goes…. Back in late January I went to Bangkok for FUE transplant. I did lots of research and found Dr Path, who seemed to have really good results. It wasn’t cheap and I got around 2400 grafts/hairs. My problem is that now 9 ? months later, I have very little growth. It’s patchy and you can clearly see where the transplants were done, as there is almost a line of wispy thin hair. I wouldn’t be so concerned and would wait, if not for all of the large gaps and spaces where no hair has come through. I have contacted Dr Path about this and am awaiting a response… I guess I am here for some advice or to see if anyone has had a similar experience. To find out if this is normal and if there is any hope that more hair might appear and that the hairline will actually start to grow in. Pictures attached.


Thank you so much. It’s kind of nerve wracking when you’re not just reading peoples questions, but putting your own out too.




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