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Despite the important function that this social network provides in terms of vetting the various physicians and surgeons who treat hair loss, there still exist plenty of places that have unlicensed personnel performing surgeries both in the United States and abroad. Even as recently as June 2016, the state of Florida's Board of Medicine issued a declaratory statement related to the legality of this practice. For those interested, please read



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Regulators and medical bodies are realizing what needs to be Done for patient safety. More and more regulators are enforcing such guidelines for patient safety. Other states are following and making it well known. Patients and documentation may have been helpful. Elective surgery or not, safety is paramount, esp when you are dealing with limited donor resources. I am wondering, has ISHRS had any surgeons that do that type of thing or possibly still do? That's why letter is kind of confusing. If that's the case, will such surgeons still hold membership? Because such medical regulations/laws supercede everything else regardless of any disclaimers.

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