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Steven Gabel, MD, FACS

Dr Steven Gabel – 2127 FUE Grafts - 6 Month – Excellent Growth – Portland/Seattle

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This patient is a 45-year-old male who desired to increase the hair density in the frontal scalp. He had been slowly losing his hair for years, and has been taking medications to slow down the loss. He keeps his hair short in the donor area therefor the FUE technique was used.


The 6-month postoperative results are displayed. It shows excellent growth of the transplanted grafts and the patient is so far thrilled with the results. He feels it is completely natural, and he is able to keep the hair in the donor area short at his desired length. Since the patient is only 6-months out from the procedure, he still has 20 % - 30 % more growth expected. He plans to return for his 1-year and 1.5-year post-operative progress checks.









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Wow very good result, this guy was essentially a norwood 6, for the amount of grafts used and considering he's only at 6 months, this is fantastic, please keep us updated on his progress.

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