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Dr Haber 2,770 grafts

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Hello everyone, I wanted to share my story of my recent hair transplant (FUT) done by Dr Robert Haber in Beachwood, OH that I had done on September 14th, 2016. 2,770 grafts were taken and what you see in my pic is the before/after (paid for 2800 so pretty close). I'm just over 5 weeks post-op now and wanted to share my story so far. The picture you see is the day before and the day after the surgery.


I noticed some hair loss in my mid twenties (i'm 32 now), and it had bothered me for quite some time especially photos but I never thought I'd end up getting surgery to fix the issue. Well I obviously I did, and over the course of the past year, I did research and felt that I would be in good hands with a reputable doctor, like Dr Haber, but I couldn't really find much information on him as far as reviews or individuals thoughts, and living in Pittsburgh, he felt like the best option. I went in for my consultation and had the chance to meet him, and his consultant, and they answered all my questions. Felt very comfortable, gave it some thought for about a week, and booked the surgery about a month and a half out.


I arrived 7:30am where they took pictures of my head from a variety of angles, and then proceeded into the surgery room where my new hairline would be identified. His staff was really friendly, provided music/netflix while i sat comfortably. I finished up just shy of 6:00pm and I ended up having a family member drive me home that day (I could have drove home by myself).


I purchased the ATP solution he offered (did not sell it like an add-on) rather than just the saline solution that would be provided. I sprayed that on my head every 30 minutes until the bottle ran out which was on about the 4th or 5th day. From my understanding, the ATP helps with the healing more. I had some serious swelling in my forehead on the 3rd and 4th days and I think that was because I didn't do my best to sleep at a 45 degree angle. I had to return to work at day 5 as I'm in sales and people definitely noticed but I don't really care about telling people. The only thing I'm concerned about now is the people I told, I want to show my investment off and the anxiety that goes with wanting great results.


I'm heavily into working out and was advised for 10 days to avoid exercise but I decided to wait 2 weeks (it killed me but I did it). For the first 2 weeks as well, I used baby shampoo on my head and would poor water over my head from a cup.


My biggest concern that I felt like I goofed up, was at about day 7 or 8, I would very lightly massage the top of my head dry with my fingerpads and a lot of the crusting would just fall off, and I would lightly comb out. No bleeding, but in the paperwork it was advised to do that in the shower. Hope I didn't screw anything up.


At about 3-4 weeks, most of the hairs had fallen out (would notice most of them when using rogaine which i started back up on day 5 and I also take proscar, quarter tablet daily) but I started to get some painful bumps (possibly folliculitis or pimples) and he wanted me to come back in to get checked up. Dr Haber noticed that a lot of the recipient hairs had not fallen off on their own, so he had a nurse come in and remove some of the hairs, and injected the pimples with a steriod, and I am now applying Clindamycin Phosphate lotion to the affected areas twice daily.


My anxiety for whatever reason just gets the best of me on this and wish I could calm down a little as I'm anxious to see how this will turn out.


Anyways, let me know your thoughts if you have the chance or if you have any questions. I'll do my best to update this as I go along. Hope this helps


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I'm great, thanks for asking.


I was initially hoping for more comments and replies on this but nothing happened so I didn't update lol...


Well I'm just over 3 months of my surgery and i started to notice small growth at about 2 months. My barber has noticed over the course of the past few times I have gone in. A few of my buddies have noticed as well, and they all say it looks like "what I paid for is working." It's starting to fill in nicely but def not noticeable in like group pictures (a lot more growth to go). I'll see my family for the first time in over a month since Thanksgiving here on Xmas, and will look to see what they think as well.


I'll post some photos tomorrow

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My 28 yr old son has consult w Dr Haber in 2 weeks. What type of HT did you get ? He was told to get a Artas FUE. Were you pleased with this dr ? What was your down town if you can give me as much info as possible I would so appreciate it. We are deciding between Haber & two other dr's. You can private message me if you like.

Thank you in advance. How old are you & where did you need it ? How much was the procedure ?

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I ended up getting an FUT (strip hair transplant). I ended up getting 2,770 grafts transplanted as I was told with the Artas, a max of 2,000 could be transplanted in one session and I needed a little more work. I attached the pictures I took today (exactly 14 weeks ago from today, got done Wednesday September 14th).


I literally had zero down time. I sat on the couch for about 2 days and I didn't workout out for 2 weeks due to the doctors instructions (he said 10 days), and I had some swelling in the front of my head at about 3 days in which sucked, but I think its because I didn't sleep at a 45 degree angle as instructed. I was back to work at Day 5, but the people I work with definitely noticed a difference, but I had no problem telling them


I'm 32 years old, but I don't really feel comfortable discussing price on here. To me, I was paying for the confidence of going to a highly reputable doctor like Dr Haber. I was comfortable with paying the premium to him (others will be cheaper) but I felt as I was in good hands getting a procedure done as serious as this. He has a few patents on tools used across the world like the Haber Spreader which I didn't know until during the procedure as he was telling me about it


Hope that helps, and please let me know if you have any other questions. Best of luck in your meeting with him, have your questions written out




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0303, I believe Dr. Cooley abandoned the Artas FUE - though I'm not sure about that. He sure wasn't crazy about it when I visited with him.


If so he isn't the only recommended surgeon to do so. There's a not so public disscusiom about graft destruction from the actual extractions from the ARTAS. If it's 1% more than by manual extraction then that's 1% to high.

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I appreciate you sharing your genuine experience with Dr. Haber. He is truly one of the best so I trust that you will end up with an outstanding result. I really don't think you have anything to be concerned about regarding working off the scabs, seven or eight days after surgery the follicles are completely secured. Besides, gently massaging the scams with your fingertips is what most people including me he has done with no problems. And gently combing through the hair and removing some of the scabs that are loose wouldn't hurt anything either.


Hang in there and please keep us posted on your progress.



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