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Its important to have a soft natural hairline on female patients. Shapiro Medical consistently produces the most natural look for our patients.

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Incredible result this Janna, I totally get where she's coming from in terms of being self conscious regarding her high forehead, it's awesome that Dr Ron and the team have transformed her old hairline into a beautiful new and more feminine shaped one. Hair loss is hard enough for us guys but it must have a bigger impact on women. I know it's been mentioned before and ive probably even asked you before Janna so excuse my memory but how long typically is it before patients can dye their hair after surgery?


Out of curiosity do you do many FUE surgeries on women? i would imagine that strip would be the preferred choice due to shaving of the donor for FUE which can take a long time to grow back?....(although i know you can do unshaven FUE).......anyway i'm waffling again lol but just wanted to comment as it's a superb result and she must be thrilled :)

2 poor very poor UK ht's

2 world class repairs with Shapiro Medical Group

original thread


Dr Paul's procedure http://www.hairtransplantnetwork.com/blog/home-page.asp?WebID=1710

Dr Ron's procedure


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Wonderful result for this young lady. Perfectly natural and has made a dramatic difference in her appearance.

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