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Dr. Mohebi - Greatest Surgeon in Beverly Hills

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Hey guys!


Just wanted to let you know about my stellar experience with this guy. I know there's a ton of people floating around the forums not sure what to do, so I thought I'd add my own experience and hopefully it helps.


I started balding in my early 20's. I'm about to be 27 this Monday and feel greater than I did 4 years ago.


Around 21 really started noticing a bald spot as well as the light receding from the front and it rapidly would grow worse on both ends. My combat techniques were originally rogaine and combovers.. both which ended up fizzling out. I gave up on monoxidil (rogaine) and finally grew a pair and took the finistaride haha 1st smart decision in my opinion.


2nd was taking the plunge and going for a surgery. I must have done a year of research. I first was convinced- NO SCAR. But at the same time, also realized. I need a legend for FUE because it seems to be a bit more complicated procedure. So I discovered Dr. Mohebi names on these forums and before I knew it, saw his name pop up a ton! Couldn't find an ounce of dirt on him either..


Came to find out he wrote books on FUE, invented technology for it, and serves on the board. So at this point I was pretty convinced and was willing to pay for a consultation. Was well worth it. Meeting him VS this other "rep" for a popular hair surgeon name I wont' mention.. Like night and day. I felt so at ease. And when I finally was put in a blessed position to get the surgery - it felt just as smooth. There was nothing scary about it. Pre- during- or Post.


I'd say my biggest fear was being worried my donor hair wasn't gonna pan out, but closer to a year later I was finally happy with the results. I'm now planning one last visit for safe measure, but I'd say what was most impressive was how far the Doctor managed to make 2200 grafts go.. Definitely an artist.


If you guys have any questions please fire away!



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Hey Zig!


Thanks for the response. I just clicked and no longer see it, but if you get this feel free to reply again- and will answer! :)

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Congrats richter101! Thanks for taking the time to share your experience! Good luck on your next procedure. I hope you'll continue to present your results.

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