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Reconstruction of a crown area through FUE – performed by Dr. Feriduni – 3451 FU

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Follicular Unit Transplantation performed on a 35 year old Caucasian male with:


- Norwood Class II-III vertex

- Donor density of 76 FU/cm2 in the temporal region and 80 FU/cm2 in the occipital region

- Hair diameter of ~54-58 microns


Treatment plan:


A Follicular Unit Extraction with 3000-3300 FU to reconstruct the entire crown area.

Performed procedure (Augustus 27th , 2015):


A Follicular Unit Extraction with 3451 FU in a single day session


* 241 single hair FU

* 2758 double hair FU

* 452 triple hair FU

HGI (Hair per graft index) = 2.06


Extraction performed with a 0.80mm FUE punch with CIT Manual Punch Handle. No microscopic preparation of the follicular unit grafts (FUE); Parallel incisions (single, double and triple units) were made in custom-sized blades technique (~Cutting Edge blades of 0.75mm – 0.8mm)


Dr. B. Feriduni







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It is still a see through. Will it grow any further or that is all?


You're kidding right? This is an amazing result

3185 FUT with Dr. Rahal on 2/17/16



1204 FUT with Dr. Rahal on 3/27/17



---> total of 4389 grafts to my frontal third via FUT

---> 1mg finasteride daily since 1999:)

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