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Million Hair Transplant Centre in Bangkok

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Hello all,


Long time follower, new poster. I am considering a HT in Bangkok. I am considering getting it at 'Million Hair Transplant Centre' with Dr. Thitiwat Wirarojratchakul.


I have minimal loss and mostly working on my hairline.


I know this forum is very pro doctors on this particular hair transplant network but would appreciate if anyone on here had any experience with this particular doctor and clinic. I went for a consult and everything seemed clean and professional.


I would appreciate any information.


Thanks all!

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A website called hairtransplantgeeks gave them a positive review, but it reads very much like an advertisement.

I'd put in a bit more research, Thailand has great surgeons in every field, as well as some of the worst back alley butchers as well, so unless you can find a bunch of positive reviews backed up with photos (Or even better, real people), I'd avoid them.


Also a random thing I've noticed, but most good/popular Thai surgeons now charge fairly standard international prices (Dr Path is like the same price as Rahal, I've noticed), similar to what it costs in Europe and Canada. So unless they charge a different price for Thais, I'd be very wary of a 'cheap' Thai surgeon.


THT/Dr Pong is an option if you can travel.

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Thank you very much for your information. Dr. Path is charging a bit more for FUE though, that is not the main deciding factor researching other doctors in the area.


TBH, Dr. Path and his crew seem to not really promote FUE much vs FUT. Makes me a bit weary on how confident they really are in performing it. I have a very small area (hairline) so I'm not sure how much even a so so doctor could screw things up?


Then again, maybe I'm wishful thinking.

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pretty sure dr path is like a dollar more expensive then dr laorwang


As I mentioned in a previous post. Dr. Path really doesn't promote FUE much for any situations. He seems to always promote FUT. There was a story on this forum recently where the person wanted FUE, didn't need much work and ended up getting FUT with Dr. Path. It just makes me feel he doesn't honestly feel as confident about doing them vs FUT.


Nothing wrong with that, I just don't really feel like going through the healing process and scar with FUT. Especially where I'm at with a Norwood 1-2.

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