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Hello community,


I had 3 weeks ago a hair transplantation in istanbul.

I did everything the clinic told me.

I didnt touch the recepient area for 10 days.

I used a panthenol spray they told me to use for 10 days.

After 10 days i started massaging the recepient area to lose all the scabs and blood crusts.

I have a lot of questions and I dont find answer even after reading millions of things in google.


They gave me some pills.

One of them was called coraspin. I searched and understand that it is a anti-coagulant.

When they visited me in my hotel room one day after the op, they took it away from me after looking at my head Nd told me that i dont need it. But they didnt take it away from my friend, who came with me and had also a OP.

Why? Why they took it away?

Ahhh and he also asked if im doing a lot of sports and i said yes everyday till now haha.

I saw a lot of bad experiences of people here after waiting for one whole year to get a bad result and it makes me crazy, because i can be also one of them.

I will ad pictures, so maybe some of the experts here, can give their opinion?


Thank u very much guys









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Not sure why they recommended an anti coagulant in the first place unless you have some bleeding issues. But once they saw that you were scabbed up one day post op they obviously thought you did not need that anymore. It is impossible to tell what kind of results you will have. Only time will tell. How many grafts did they tell you they put in? That is one negative about doing transplants so far away is that the follow up is very difficult.

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Thanks u very much for your answer :)

I dont know why they gave it to us.

My friend should take it for the next 10 days and so he did.

When I sended them pictures of me before I went there, they told me that they use 4000 grafts.

But to be honest i thought that its to much cause i had a lot of hair before.

So i guess they did maybe 2000 grafts.

So the question i ask to myself everyday is, will i get all the grafts i saw on the first day or am i going to be like some guys here, where i could see very bad results.

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