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Hello All,


Back about 4-5 years ago I had my first transplant done by Dr. Bradley Limmer in San Antonio Texas. I do not recall the exact amount of grafts but I think it was 800-1100. In any event I am considering another surgery within the next 24 months. While I enjoyed Dr Limmer's process I am looking for a cheaper alternative. Does anyone know of a cheaper reputable doctor either in the US or outside? Also, are there any doctors who are reputable in Cancun?


Thanks for your help! :D

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Hi. What was the pricing for your procedure from 5 years ago?

My opinions are my own. I am one representative of MyWHTC Clinic's European branch.


Consultation Dates & Cities for Dr. Patrick Mwamba

London, United Kingdom - Available (Sat.)

Zurich, Switzerland - Available (Saturday)

Bologna, Italy - Available (Saturday)

Brussles, Belgium - Available (Sun.-Sat.) *No Fee*

Dr. Patrick Mwamba is a member of the Coalition of Independent Hair Restoration Physicians

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