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Hi everyone,

I'm new to posting this page but not new to the experiences you all have faced! I decided to undergo a FUE procedure and I've followed all the aftercare instructions. It has been 2 months since the procedure and I wash my hair usually now and soak it in a little oil as my scalp has become incredibly dry. Since the op, no grafts have fallen and they have grown, but over the last week I've noticed that 3-4 tiny sharp implanted hairs have fallen out. I'm very very worried that I'm losing grafts, or this normal for them to fall out after 2 months? If someone could please provide some advice/ comments on this, I would really appreciate it!

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I don't think you have anything to worry about. Nearly everyone loses the transplanted hairs. Keep in mind all of your hair has a pre-determined genetic cycle of growth. The hair lives and grows around seven years and then naturally falls out. You then have a period of dormancy (about 4 months generally) before a new hair starts to grow. Each hair has its normal cycle. If anything more unusual occurs you can consult with your surgeon, but I think you will be just fine and have a lot to look forward to when all the new growth starts in a couple months.

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After two weeks, scabs should begin falling. After two months, you aren't losing grafts unless you are getting too much sun exposure.

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Any pics?

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Thankyou for your responses, they have put my mind at ease.

John Casper- Thankyou for your reply, your response was very informative and I feel that it may just be my hair cycle. I will be seeing my doctor over the weekend to check up on the progress of my hair.

Mr Gio- I agree, my scabs fell off during the first two weeks and my donor and recipient areas healed up well. I'm not so sure about sun exposure as I did wear a cap for the first few weeks and as I'm a female with very long and quite heavy hair (although not the front of course), I did cover up my area well. It could be a possibility perhaps?

Ernie- I will be posting a blog with photos and my experience from my very early stages of hair loss to show my overall (hopefully good) progression as a journey, so other women and men can benefit .


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At two months post-op, the grafts are definitely secure and any hairs that fall out are just a part of the normal process. The first 2 weeks are the most crucial time to be concerned about losing/damaging grafts, but after the 10 day mark, studies show that the grafts are locked in. (Some surgeons say it takes a little longer, but I view this as more of a precaution than anything). Also, a good rule of thumb for determining whether or not you've lost a graft (as opposed to the hair just shedding) is if there's no blood, the graft is fine. If a hair comes out and your scalp starts bleeding, chances are a graft has been damaged. Hope that helps. Happy growing! :)

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Pkipling- thankyou for your reply, it provided me with a lot of useful information that has helped me better understand my situation! No blood left my scalp, just very sharp thick hairs. I appreciate your advice and hopefully I'll experience happy growing :)

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