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Sauna/ Hot Tub/ Pool 2 weeks after FUT?

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I am planning on spending my recovery time from my FUT procedure at a resort, relaxing while away from work. The plan is to take the vacation 2 days after my sutures come out.


I am obviously going to keep my head covered at all times and avoid all sunlight on my head. I also have no intention of submerging my head at all in the pool or hot tub.


My plan is to spend some time in the hot tub (without submerging my head), spend some time wading in the pool (with hat and without submerging my head) and possibly spend some time sweating in the sauna. I may also swim in the ocean and have been told by a doctor that the ocean saltwater may actually be "good" for my head at this point.


Anyone have any thoughts on this type of stuff so soon after the surgery? Thinking of how this might affect either the recipient area OR the scar (don't want it to stretch).

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Even with post-op care most docs will not want the area subject to extreme swings in temp. And even though your head will not be submerged, the rest of the body's temp would be increased including the blood supply that runs to the scalp.


The reason that your doc may feel that the ocean water may be good is because of the salt content and salt can potentially facilitate the healing of wounds.


Sitting in a cool pool without getting your scalp wet would be fine but I would avoid anything that puts your head or body in any extreme temps.


Congrats on your recent procedure...;)


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Hi Jeff

I sense your frustration. I was in the same boat myself after my procedure end of Dec last year.. DHT@Eugenix

I stay in hotels 2 something 3 nights each week and having a nice swim in the pool followed by a lazy Sauna was always something I looked forward to at the end of each day while away from home... I developed a pretty big resentment having to wait a period of time before having a proper swim..swim hats are typically super tight silicone which are a no no early recovery so youre faced with hotel issue polyester type which aren't "waterproof"... Water just seeps through 

I'm must have Olympic level of head above wading skills at the stage.. 

I allowed myself 10mins sauna twice a week after one mónth post op

I'm OK with 20 min max twice a week at this stage 3 months post op 

People don't really refer to the non financial price we pay when we opt for surgery...guess its all part of the process.... Its a commitment for sure.. Not always an easy one 

Good luck with everything 



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