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Full for his 50th: Non-Shaven Transplant by Carlos K. Wesley, M.D. (NYC)

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A 49-year-old wanted to have a full head of hair to celebrate his upcoming 50th birthday. A combination of follicular unit transplantation (FUT) coupled with both scalp and beard follicular unit extraction (FUE) was deemed the best approach.


The patient can be seen before and about two years after his two sessions. A combination of over 4000 grafts were used to fill in his crown and add fullness throughout the caudal portion of his scalp. In addition, his hairline was slightly advanced in order to ensure that all of his scalp was addressed. As with all of our patients, this patient was not required to shave his hair within the recipient area. This enabled him to return to work and social activities sooner.








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At first when I saw the first couple of photos, I thought I wasn't going to see any photos of the top of the head but looking at all of them, this is an incredibly impressive results especially given the amount of baldness that he had. Very impressive.


Keep up the outstanding work.



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Thanks for your comments, everyone. We really appreciate them.


@bitethebullet. Regarding your wavy hair comment: it's not uncommon for transplanted hair to initially grow in just a bit curlier. Yes. This is certainly something that can aid in overall coverage. Over time, however, the curliness does tend to fade and take on the original hair characteristics. Some believe that the initial "curl" results from the mild trauma or shock that the grafts undergo as they are transplanted from one part of the scalp (donor area) to the recipient area and spend a brief time period out the body.


Again, thanks for your comments!

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