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2000 FUE HT - Dr. Scott Alexander 6/13/16

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Hi all!


I just wanted to share my experience. I am a 34 year old male living in Phoenix, AZ. I started thinning (patterned diffuse) around the age of 24. My biggest insecurity has been my hair, as I had big, thick curly hair growing up. About 7 years ago, I just decided to start buzzing my head to make maintenance easy and mitigate signs of thinning. A #1 on the top, and #.5 on the side has been my hair style since then. I started on Finasteride 1mg about 3 years ago. This has definitely stabilized my hair loss, and potentially even regrew hair. I am my biggest critic and think the hair loss is much worse than it actually is. But aren't we all that way? Nevertheless, I decided I was finally ready to restore my hair and an HT was the natural next step. I did some research and found Dr. Scott Alexander came highly regarded. His consultant Spex (familiar to this forum) was a great help as well. Low and behold, Dr. Alexander was just a few blocks from my home. (My other option was a well known Canadian duo). This was a big step for me. Other than the Finasteride, I had never fully dealt with the reality of my hair loss. Needless to say, I was very nervous at my consult with Dr. Alexander. But, he and his staff made me feel at ease right away. I stepped into his office, sat down and he began to examine me. While yes, I have a diffuse pattern on the top, when I came into the office I had let my hair grow out for about 10 days. (Normally buzzing every 4-5 days). The doc noticed that my hairline and temples needed strengthening and that a few hundred grafts in the crown area would fill in the minor patch of loss. Overall, he said my hair looked strong and that when I grow it out it would fill in nicely. Surely he was wrong! Why that made me nervous was because I have not seen my hair grown out in 7+ years...I had forgotten what the rest of it looked like aside from the hairline when grown out. He was confident that strengthening and adding density in the hairline, plus a bit in the crown...would give me my desired outcome. He is the trained medical professional, and I trusted him right away. I put my deposit down, and my surgery was scheduled.


Yesterday, the 13th, was the big day. He had planned on a 1700 Graft FUE for all my coverage. I chose FUE cause I had been wearing my hair short, but also when I grow my hair out for the first time in 7 years, I want to be able to style it in many ways, including a fade. I have wanted that since my early twenties! I got in early, the staff was so kind. The donor area was prepped, the Doc numbed me all over and then he began making the recipient sites. He took his time and he is a true artist! All I said was "give me the hairline of my dreams". :) After the sites were made, we went into the ROBOT room! All my grafts were extracted by the Artas machine with precision. The team was all in there throughout this process. I needed a few more lidocaine injections here and there, but really no pain. After all the grafts were extracted, we took a break and I ate the lunch they brought in.


After lunch, I proceeded into the chair, and the staff started implanting the grafts. About 1500 into the frontal hairline and temples, and about 200+ into the little crown patch. Almost near the end, he told me they were actually able to get a total of 2000 grafts, and that he would disperse them throughout the rest of the scalp to fill in any spots. Thanks, doc! He made more sites and the girls added the grafts. About 6:30pm and I am all done! They bandaged me up, put a bandana on, gave me my post-op instructions and meds and I was on my way.


I am truly looking forward to my results. I do not have any pictures (the doc took them), and I also am trying to remain somewhat anonymous as I am in front of the camera often for my job. I hope everyone can respect that. But my main goal by joining and starting this thread was to explain my HIGHLY POSITIVE experience with Dr. Scott Alexander of Phoenix. I was in great hands with him and his staff, and he is a true artist. If anyone in the Phoenix area, or anyone across the globe, is looking for a top notch HT physician, please consider this doctor. I am super happy with my decision. And I promise it's not the Vicodin he gave me yesterday. haha! Thank you all for listening. Here is to great hair!




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Congrats D! Heal and grow well. :)


Feel free to reach out throughout the journey ahead as I'm here to help answer any questions.





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Thank you for the kind words. We look forward to following your progress so please keep the forum updated as you will find much support here. Continue to keep in close communication with Spex too as there isn't much he cant help you with.

Dr. Scott Alexander

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