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Hair Plugged out while Trimming - Will it grow back

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Hi all,


I request you to please post ONLY RESPONSES.


I have either dandruff or skin problem since long and in last few months I saw more patches in my hair allowing a lot of hair breakage. I thought to get my hair trimmed. While trimming, a bunch of dandruff / sticky material patches came out and it also lead to plucking out a lot of my hair.


I have attached two photos of my head after 2 weeks of the trim. Please suggest:


1. Do you see enough hair (including hair that has not grown yet) and do you think will it lead to a decent density of my hair going forward?


2. Any guesses how long will I have to wait (or a range)?


3. You see the sticky material on some hair if you enlarge the images. How can I deal with those?


4. Am I at a stage to be needing a hair transplant now or I can naturally get more hair by following a good diet.



I will appreciate your response and any suggestions.


Many Thanks in advance.



Kind regards,

S Kapoor



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