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The first sign of female hair loss is a hair thinning, generally seen on the forepart and the superior part of the head. In the beginning it seems that the hairdo scratch becomes wider, until it’s able to notice a reduction of the volume and a slow growth of the hair (Degree I). Later, an accented rarefaction creates a kind of transparency allowing one to see the contour of the head through the hair (Degree II). The hair becomes ultra thin, clearer, and fragile (Degree III). In this stage the baldness is installed already. The hair line on the forehead is generally saved, as well as the hair on the posterior region, above the nape of the neck, for being less susceptible to hormonal action. In the anterior line the aromatase enzyme helps protecting the hair from hormonal action.


This 76 years old woman taken Ludwig II. She he opted for a 2 session FUT with 4.752Ufs



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