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Dr. Michael Beehner

Front hairline and temple restoration; 43 y/o female; Dr. Mike Beehner

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This 43 year old female with thinning at the front hairline and receding temple areas came to us to have her hairline lowered and the temple areas built up. She had one session of 1726 FU grafts (comprising 3798 hairs). The "after" photos were taken one year later. Her FU's consisted of 20% 1- hair grafts, 50% 2-hair grafts, and 30% 3-hair grafts. She is quite happy with her current density and will return for further grafting if she thins further behind that area.

Mike Beehner, M.D.







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Dr. Beehner,


Your results are always very impressive. Thanks as always for presenting excellent examples of your results. Do you have any photos showing her hairline pulled back in the same way you pulled her hair back in the before photos? That would make for an even better comparison.


Best wishes,



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