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FUT over FUE but at the expense of 2 scars

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I am 44 and live in Australia. I had few FUTs between 2001 and 2002 with a total grafts of 2700. These did not work so well. I have a big scar at the back and I am now considered to be a Norwood IV-V on the hair loss scale.


I have seek advices from several surgeons in Melbourne, Sydney and Dr. Path in Thailand. As many, I was undecided as to which technique to go for: FUT or FUE. All agreed that I will need about 2500 grafts to cover up the area but each of them trying to favour their technique in which they are more comfortable in.


Since I have not seen lots of amazing FUE results when it comes to large amount of grafts, I have opted in the first instance, to go for an FUT with Dr. Path. I have booked the surgery for June 2016. Based on the reviews and thanks to this forum it seems that Dr. Path is the best in the region and I was happy with our e-communication.


I am comfortable with my decision but just a bit wary as Dr. Path mentioned that he is reluctant to reduce previous scar as this will not yield the required grafts to fill in the area. The option with the best result is to have a new cut. So, I will be left with 2 scars

I have not discussed this further with him and will do so when I will meet him next month.


One of my objective when deciding to go back to FUT is to reduce my previous scar


Has anyone experience this kind of scenario?

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Hi Tyrano,


It is a all too common scenario that I have heard many times. I think the only reason not to take out the old scar would be because it has been taken from the incorrect place on your scalp. In most cases that I see old scars are taken too low on the scalp and are closer to the neck. Firstly the skin is more likely to stretch here and in some cases the hair may be susceptible to thinning. Below the bump of your neck the scalp is much tighter and it makes taking out the scar and getting the amount of grafts required very difficult.


If this is the case I can understand why the Doctor is suggesting another scar. You of course need to ask yourself the question, is this what I want two scars?


Hopefully the new scar would be an improvement on the old scar and at a later date you could have the old scar revised or place grafts into it to camouflage it better. It really depends on what your proprieties are? I would also look into the option of FUE for 2500 grafts you could place some grafts into your existing scar at the same time although a revision might be the best option. Some photos would help provide better advice.

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How bad us the previous scar?


I recently had my second FUT. My first one was in 2008.


And I plan to have another hair transplant, but my next one will be FUE.


If you only need 2500 grafts.... Why not go the FUE rt?? And even have the doctor place some grafts into the scar? That's my plan... My next HT will be FUE to add density and help fix the scar.

So many great doctors that perform FUE in these forums.

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Thanks Garaland and Etownone for your replies. I have included some pictures in my profile.


My priority is to have the crown and vertex to be filled with a decent density. I don t mind having a combination of FUT and FUE in 2 different sessions.


My idea of going with an FUT is to reduce the width of the old scar and do a further slim strip to reap about 1500 grafts. Then at a later stage to an FUE to fill-in as required. But I guess this does not work this way. 


The FUT physician mentioned if we try to use FUE to extract 2500 to 3000 grafts this will cause diffuse thinning hair in the donor area.


When I approached a physician who solely does FUE, he told me that this will be a mega session and was leading me towards the path of doing the PRP sessions over 6 months and see if this regrow some dormant hair follicles and as a result we might need less grafts for the FUE. I was reluctant to go down that PRP path, firstly because the study in this area that this work is still uncertain, and secondly I am reluctant to wait for 6 to 9 months and see no results

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