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This 33 year old patient requested a high density restoration for his receding frontal hairline. He underwent a dense-pack hairline restoration using 2926 grafts.Presented here are 9 month postoperative photos.Included are immediate postop graft placement photos and views with the hair being parted to demonstrate his graft zone density compared to the preexisting density in the midscalp region.




















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Great result.


Work always looks so clean right after the op.

2 poor unsatisfactory hair transplants performed in the UK.


Based on vast research and meeting patients, I travelled to see Dr Feller in New York to get repaired.

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There are two Konior postings today. The other is a six-year result. Both beautiful, as we all expect.


But I noticed the questions in both about FUE or FUT. Maybe this stems from the recent Feller "Why NOT to do FUE" thread. Not to go off topic, but I think Dr. Konior's postings show a preference for FUT. That isn't meant as criticism. I only wonder what he would say about that recent discussion.


Again, I'm sorry if this is off the topic. This result is inspiring.

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18 hours ago, stephcurry30 said:

Is there a reason why Konior went so low with a juvenile hairline?

I'm sure the patient requested it but is it a bit too low for a relatively young patient? 

I'm sure he took many factors into account including donor capacity, pattern of loss, and age. If the patient was 23 I might agree about his youth but at 33 his pattern of loss is becoming more apparent. He's an ethical surgeon and plans for the future. Most guys on this forum would never be able to get this result because most guys don't have this minimal loss, graft thickness, or donor capacity that this patient does. It's a skill to tailor your surgical plan to each individual patient that not all hair restoration surgeons excel at. Dr Konior certainly does and must have deemed this patient as a good candidate for a dense restoration at this level. 

Bosley Dr. Krenitsky 11-2016 FUE 1407 grafts

Dr. Diep 09-2017 FUE 2024 grafts

Dr. Konior 03-2020 FUE 2076 grafts

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Not everyone will be a Norwood 6/7. That’s why I take issue with “universal safe zones” surgeons must take an individualistic approach. Personally, I think this hairline hits all aesthetic points.

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