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My Transplant Surgery - Dr. Steven Gabel

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Greetings to all.


I'd love to share my hair loss experience and transplant story with you all.


I remember back in spring of 2014 taking an up close "selfie" and noticed my forehead seemed like it was getting bigger. I wasn't sure what the cause of this was and didn't particularly like it but shrugged it off.


Fast forward to May 2015 and I was putting some hair style product into my hair while looking very close into the mirror and noticed how thin my hairline was.


"Surely I'm not balding, am I?"


I thought to myself.


I immediately dug up a head shot from Sept 2012 to compare my hairline.


The changes were Drastic.


How did I not notice this until now?


Immediately the research began.


A favorite "self-improvement" website of mine has a big section on hair loss prevention so I dove in head first.


I wanted to fix this problem asap and hair transplants was the best solution.


Now I just needed to find the right Dr.


Luckily the author of the self- improvement sight I follow had used Dr. Gabel and had glowing reviews.


Immediately I filled out the online evaluation with photos on my hairline attached.


The next day his assistant contacted me and I scheduled a skype consultation with Dr Gabel approximately a month later.


The skype consult went very well and Dr. Gabel answered all my questions and asked me several questions as well to make sure I was a good candidate. We discussed the benefit to using FUT vs FUE for my surgery and recovery times and even lodging for me to stay in when I visited for the procedure.


Fast forward to October and I made the down payment to reserve the schedule date.

Then a couple weeks before the date I mailed in the remaining balance.


I purchased 1500 grafts for the procedure.


I scheduled the transplant for the Monday of the week of Thanksgiving and arrived in Hillsboro,Or at the hotel on Sunday evening.


I flew in from across the east coast so I would be staying 3 nights so that I could get a follow up and shampoo the day after the surgery.


So I arrived at the office on Monday at about 7am and was given a private lounge/room to put all my belongings which I brought with me.


The first hour Dr. Gabel and his assistant spent drawling my new hairline across my forehead.


We must have re-done it close to a dozen times examining it each time while comparing it to older photos of what my hairline looked like 5-8 years prior.


One thing to remember about Dr Gabel is that he not only is a surgeon but also an artist with a high skill set for making his work appear as natural as possible.


The final hairline we drew up was perfect for my facial features and preferred appearance.


The procedure started about 9:45 am and completed a little after 5pm.


The office provided a menu from a local restaurant and lunch was waiting for me when I stepped into my private lounge to eat during the lunch break.


We took 2-3 breaks during the surgery for restroom or to eat at my request as I eat frequently.


I also came back in the next day for a follow up visit and shampoo and final photos.


All the transplants fell out over the next 2 weeks and the resting phase began.


Fast forward 3 months later to Late Feb and I started to see growth.


Fast forward two months later to late April and I see significant growth.


I am absolutely thrilled with the results so far and expect to be well ahead of schedule of the regrowth process.


Let me make something very clear about Dr. Gabel and his staff.


They will over deliver.


The performance & service they provided me was definitely more than what I paid for.


I plan on posting before/after photos at the 9 or 10 month mark to demonstrate his highly skilled results.


BTW- I am 39 and will be 40 in Sept .


I'll check back periodically so if you have any questions feel free to ask.


*** Quick Edit.

I forgot to mention that 4 days later, which happened to be the day after Thanksgiving, I called Dr. Gabel with a question about the healing process and he returned my call with in 5 minutes and immediately called in another Rx. He then called me back an hour later to make sure I had picked up the Rx and made certain that I was clear on everything.

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Forgot to mention follow -up professionalism
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Thanks for sharing your hair transplant experience with Dr. Gabel! I took the liberty of moving your post to a dedicated thread where it will get more attention.


I encourage you to share your surgical pics.


Best of luck!

David - Former Forum Co-Moderator and Editorial Assistant


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I'm glad to hear that your hair transplant experience was a positive one. Not surprising here since your surgeon was Dr. Gabel. I do hope you'll take the time to take and share photos which speaks 1000 words.


I look forward to hearing about your progress and hopefully seeing them in photos.



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These are my One Year Updated photos from the procedure.


I know these aren't the best angles but after over 30 shots it's the best I could do holding the camera.


Hopefully I can make a trip back out to Dr Gabel's office next year for them to take more professional "after" photos.


Ill email their office today and ask them to post my "before" photos they took the day of the procedure.


** I re-sized them to get them to appear in landscape position but unfortunately some of them still appeared in portrait.





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Nice i also posted my review on GLL Dr.Gabel is a great dude one of the mist underrated IMO.

I do not provide medical advice, recommendations, all responses are my opinion.

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Looks good. You have a LOT of hair to hang on to. Your donor looks solid too. Are you on any preventive meds?

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