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Hi Guys,


I wanted to hear your experience with combination of Rogaine & Propecia.

I was reading through some posts on Bernestein medical page

Propecia Rogaine Results Before After Photos | Bernstein Medical


and found the results to be quite remarkable. Do majority of patients experience similar kind of results ? Does the combination work better than individual treatments ?


Also, how long can you keep these results, in the sense of medications losing their efficacy in the long run.


What is a realistic timeline to experience some regrowth with this combination treatment?

Sorry about a lot of questions all at once. Would really appreciate if you could share some personal experience and advise.



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Together the two work well, and they can show to improve hair growth in six to twelve months. Results are different for every individual. The medication has been around for decades. Hair loss is a progressive condition, and surgery may be required after a given period of time with medical therapy.

My opinions are my own. I am one representative of MyWHTC Clinic's European branch.


Consultation Dates & Cities for Dr. Patrick Mwamba

London, United Kingdom - Available (Sat.)

Zurich, Switzerland - Available (Saturday)

Bologna, Italy - Available (Saturday)

Brussles, Belgium - Available (Sun.-Sat.) *No Fee*

Dr. Patrick Mwamba is a member of the Coalition of Independent Hair Restoration Physicians

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Have any of you friends heard of or tried PRP injections? While not FDA approved yet, it is a series of injections into the scalp that uses part of your own blood cells. It would be a great alternative to meds, minoxidil. I am curious about it. My research indicates a maintenance of twice yearly shots and is not surgery with no bad side effects. it's been used to heal sports injuries. Wouldn't it be a god send for us?

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I have heard of Dr Ameiya Prasad's clinic offering this treatment. I am very curious to know more about it. Is it a complete alternative to using Fin & Minoxidil or does it work well in conjunction with these drugs? I am not aware of any controlled clinical studies or any testimonials indicating that this treatment is better (in terms of regrowth & economy).

I would be very interested to hear what the Doctors on this forum think.

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