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Dr Alexander - 2,000 grafts (3-month update)

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Greetings folks!


Just a quick update. I'm just approaching my 3-month mark after my HT with Dr Alexander in early Jan. I had 1,600 grafts in the front and 400 grafts into the crown (I'll dig out my original post so you can see the pics).


All is going fine. To be honest, I'd completely put the HT out of my mind. As per my original posts, Dr Alexander miraculously worked without shaving down my hair, and given that my hair is fairly long, I've pretty much returned to exactly how I was right before the op (all the good and bad :P).


I did have a little shockloss after 3 weeks, but it didn't really impact my hair styling in any way. The long hair all around it has covered that up and I do style with mane, which especially helps at the crown.


From memory the new hairs start sprouting from about 3 months onwards so hopefully I might see something noticeable around 6 months.


Once again, my hefty thanks for Dr Alexander and his brilliant team, as well as Spex for his expert, kind advice and linking me with the good doc in the first place.


For your reference, here are a couple of pics of my hair hanging naturally from around 1.5 months so you can see how well the hair is covering the work. Apologies for the poor photo quality but it should still serve some purpose.






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Thanks :) 3 months 1 week - I believe I am just entering sprouting stage.


One thing to mentin though: I'm not sure how soon I should be noticing a difference, but my scar area looks like it's healed amazingly.


Thanks once again for your work!

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