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Dr. Bijan Feriduni

Repair case performed by Dr. Feriduni – 1507 FU

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FUE performed on a 33 year old Caucasian male with:


- NW Type II Class N

- Donor density of 56 FU/cm2

- Hair diameter of ~49-54 µm

- Linear scar from a former procedure in 2011 (ex domo)


Treatment plan:


A Follicular Unit Extraction with 1800-2000 FU to restore the entire hairline.


Performed procedure (December 17th, 2013):


A Follicular Unit Extraction procedure with 1507 FU


- 307 single hair FU

- 1200 double and triple hair FU


Extraction performed with a 0.80mm FUE punch with CIT Manual Punch Handle. No microscopic preparation of the follicular unit grafts (FUE); Parallel incisions (single, double and triple units) were made in custom-sized blades technique (~Cutting Edge blades of 0.75mm – 0.80mm)


Dr. Bijan Feriduni



















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If I had to guess, I would say "ex domo" means that the previous strip surgery was performed in a different clinic. But that doesn't answer your second question of course.

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This could be an English technicality, but is this a repair case or an enhancement on the first surgery? Looks good, but the previous case doesn't look like it needs repaired, just enhanced.


Looks very nice.

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Thanks thatoldchestnut for the compliment!

To Newbie33 and Pelo123: 'Ex domo' literally means 'out of house' so his first procedure was indeed performed at a different clinic.

To answer Newbie33 's question: this patient wasn't keen on having a second strip surgery due to the discomfort and longer recovery period of a strip surgery so he opted for FUE.

To Spanker: the result of his first surgery was nice and his scar looked very good so it was indeed more an enhancement on his previous result and not so much a repair case.


Kind regards,


Dr. Bijan Feriduni

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