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Do Any Of The Clinics Offer Scar Revision / trichophytic closure ?

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Having had multiple procedures I feel my scars over time have become more noticeable. And is something I need to address. Do any clinics offer scar revisions / trichophytic closure ?


As to revisions what is the overall success and satisfaction of those that go that route ?


Thanks, NH

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I'm sure most will. I know Dr Konior would if he thinks it will deliver the desired results.

4,312 FUT grafts (7,676 hairs) with Ray Konior, MD - August 2013

1,145 FUE grafts (3,152 hairs) with Ray Konior, MD - August 2018

My HT results thread from 1st procedure.

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You may want to consider grafting the scar as another option. With scar revision, stretch-back can occur at a later time..

My opinions are my own. I am one representative of MyWHTC Clinic's European branch.


Consultation Dates & Cities for Dr. Patrick Mwamba

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Zurich, Switzerland - Available (Saturday)

Bologna, Italy - Available (Saturday)

Brussles, Belgium - Available (Sun.-Sat.) *No Fee*

Dr. Patrick Mwamba is a member of the Coalition of Independent Hair Restoration Physicians

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Scar revision can be successful, but that success is individualized and also very dependent upon how many previous procedures have been performed. That option should be available in any State of the Art surgical practice, given an experienced surgeon. As for the trychophytic closure, IMHO that closure was more of a trend to address poor technique which characterized well-intentioned but less than Standard of Care donor closures. Adherence to sound plastic surgery techniques when harvesting and especially closing the donor area virtually eliminates the need for any type of tricophytic manipulation. Whats more, with short, straight hair, the tricophytic method can leave a tell-tale pattern in the hair as hairs along the incision are angled in an unnatural direction due to the mechanics and geometry of hair growth through the scar tissue. I hope this is helpful.

Timothy Carman, MD ABHRS

Chairman, Ethics Committee (ABHRS)
ABHRS Board of Directors

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Good insight from Dr. Carman...;)


It does vary between individuals and if the wide scar is the direct outcome of a poor closing technique or lack of skill from the surgeon, then I think there is more potential to reduce the width and have a better outcome providing the individual has the accommodating scalp laxity for a revision.


Yet it sounds to me more like a case of simply having multiple FUHT procedures and very possible that the scalp did not have as much elasticity as the first or second procedures.


So IMHO, there is more risk than not of having a thinner strip scar with a revision at this point and I am not a huge fan of the try-closure method for the reasons that Dr. Carman stated.


As Mr.Gio stated, grafting the scar with FUE may be a better option for you New Hare...;)


Independent Patient Advocate


I am not a physician and not employed by any doctor/clinic. My opinions are not medical advice, but are my own views which you read at your own risk.


Supporting Physicians: Dr. Jim Harris, Denver, CO - Dr. Robert True & Dr. Robert Dorin, New York, NY

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