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This patient is a 44-year-old gentleman who desired a subtle improvement to his eyebrows. He wanted only a few grafts placed on the outside and central body of his eyebrows to give a mild increase in density. He has always had sparse density on the lateral aspect of his eyebrows so he did not want anything drastic which would too noticeable as he is a public figure.


We transplanted approximately 50 grafts to each eyebrow to give it only a subtle change. As seen on the postoperative photos, the eyebrows are slightly thicker but very natural.


I am presenting this case as an illustration that each patient has unique situations and desires – and to illustrate that not every patient needs a huge number of grafts to accomplish their goals. If we were going to do a full eyebrow transplant for a big change in density, we could have transplanted several hundred grafts on each side; however, that was not what the patient desired. He only desired a very mild improvement so transplant would be undetectable. Since he always had sparse hair density on the lateral eyebrows, and he is in the publics eye, he did not want anything that would indicate he had a transplant. These photographs are 1.5 years after the transplant and the patient is extremely happy. It satisfied his goal to increase the density in a subtle and effective fashion.



Before Surgery: Central View



Before Surgery: Left View



Before Surgery: Right View





After Surgery: Central View



After Surgery: Left View



After Surgery: Right View


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