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Dr. Josephitis/ShapiroMedical-1 YR Strip Result -3314gr/6403hairs

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We are proud to present a HT result of Dr. Josephitis of Shapiro Medical. This patient had a Strip - FUT procedure of 3314 grafts a year ago. This patient is thrilled with his result and commented that it's more than he expected. Please review.












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Looks good.


Also "I always knew he wasn't a natural blond" goes here...

Jan 2016 - 3800 graft FUT with Dr. Konior

NW 5A to 6.


Docs whose results I am most consistently impressed with: Konior, Cooley (FUT), Hasson (FUT), Diep (FUE) (yeah I like the zig zag).

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I thought the results were disappointing. I can understand why they were taken down.


Huge combover from the back and no growth behind the hairline from what I saw.


Which Shapiro did this procedure?

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Mamzuka, I just wanted to provide some additional insight regarding this patient's work and approach, at Shapiro Medical.


I can understand your point.

I guess if you considerseeing a little scalp through the hair on the crown, in the photo warrants disappointment. Actually in person you don't see much scalp through the hair.


If you examine the immediate post-op photo no work was ultimately placed there, possibly a bit around the anterior border.


The work was primarily placed in the frontal half with most of the emphasis in the front third ,very little work in the back half and no work in the back third. Because the patient is fairly young we suggested meds to maintain the crown and surgery in the front which he agreed with.


Right now he does comb the hair a bit forward in the crown while he waits with hope that the meds could thicken it up a bit, which they're capable of doing. All men, generally need in the crown is just enough hair hide the scalp and he's close to that now. With a concealer he could take care of it with no problem.


He is very happy. He feels the work looks great.

Patient Educator, Shapiro Medical. Going on 20years with Dr Ron Shapiro......not a regular poster, I leave that to Janna

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solid result from SMG. the area worked on came out great .he can leave crown alone or meds,concelar or second small session will fill in area.win win situation.

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I think Dr. Josephitis did an amazing job! Also the patient was extremely pleased and stated that it was 'more than he expected.' And as Zup mentioned, the bulk of the work was done in frontal/top area. The patient is only in his 30's. The choice, and I'm sure the "ADVICE" given by SMG, to not do any work on the crown area at this stage is a wise one. When, if the time comes when the patient's crown area thins out more he will have ample donor for the job.

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