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BHR Clinic (FUE 2682 Dr Christian Bisanga- 10th February 2016)

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@Longtimegone, thanks for the positivity.


@Home1212, appreciate the feedbacks. Hope it turns out well.


@Transhair, yes its getting there.


@Johnj147, thanks a lot.




5 Months





5.5 Months






The 5.5 month photos are more telling and very much more real. Camera images add density to hair when photographed in my opinion. This makes hair look fuller/thicker than it really is.


So how do I feel at 5.5 months? Ok.


My right temple (as you look at the images) hair line is great, however there is very little density behind the hair line which makes my hair look like it is thinning.




Whereas my left temple hair line is quite weak, especially at the corner, however the density behind the hair line is good. Go figure!?




I’m now approaching the 6 month mark and have not noticed any new sprouts recently so very much hope things improve and my left temple hairline appears properly. I also hope my right temple thickens up! I look like I’ve got thinning hair at the moment!


Fingers crossed things will improve. Will post more images over the next week or so when the 6 month anniversary arrives.


Thanks for the interest all and if any one has any insightful comments they would be very much appreciated at the moment! That being said, Dr Bisanga knows his stuff so sure it will all turn out well!


Cheers All.


P.s. forgot my password for the other account so logged in on this one! So yes, it's me!

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Dear Carbollic / Smokeball101,


Thank you very much for upgrading your process with the new pictures. Considering we are 5.5 months the overall result seems very good. It is true that new hair has to mature and each FU has its own cycle so some can look "faster" than other.


Do not also forget that new hairs can grow until 7-8 months approx. But as said the evolution is very correct considering the current stage.


Anything you may need we are at your total disposal.

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